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  Frequently Asked Questions

Check our list of Frequently Asked Questions below to find answers to most of your questions.
In case you can’t find the answer you were looking for, feel free to contact us and
we will be more than glad to help you out as soon as we can.

  • How Can I Get My Pass?
    Cappadocia Tourist Pass is an online pass that will be delivered to you via email. When you arrive to your hotel, you find your printed voucher at the reception Can we use the bus tour as long as the Pass is valid?
  • When Can I Use My Pass?
    You can use your pass whenever you like in this year. If your dates change, you can inform us and we can change all your reservations.
  • In Case If I Dont Come Turkey, Can We Get the Money Back?"
  • How Can I Make The Payment?
    You can make your payment online. IF you contact our sales officers, you can negotiate on payment. If the amount is more than 300 Euros, You can pay %30 of total payment by the system or Mail Order Form, then you can pay the rest when you arrive.
  • How Do We Meet Driver At Airport?
    After you buy your Cappadocia Tourist Pass, you will be able to make two way airport transfer. Transfers from Cappadocia or Kayseri airport are free. At the exit of the airport, you will see your name. You can follow the driver and he will directly bring you to your hotel. If you request private transfer, you can contact our sales officers.
  • How can I get Pick-up Times for the Tours, Activities etc?"
    Before you arrive and when you arrive, you are informed about every details by WHATSAPP Travel Support Service. You can contact Travel Support Service whenever you need to ask anything.
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