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     If you want to Save money & time at Cappadocia's Top Attractions. Get your Cappadocia Tourist Pass in hand and feel the experience of cheapest price with high quality brands.

   The Cappadocia Tourist Pass is the unique card to have the cheapest price with different packages. This method is designed and performed for the independent travelers with the express purpose of making it easier to enjoy Cappadocia!


Money Back Guarentee

    All orders can be cancelled for a 100% refund until 7 business days before the “Pass Start Date” chosen during the order process

    If the order due date is less than 7 business days ahead or if it is already shipped out and/or delivered, upon a cancellation/return a €20 cancellation fee will be deducted from the total to be refunded to cover the delivery & handling costs.


Cappadocia Tourist Pass Benefits & Discounts


  • % 10 Discount at Millocal Restaurant

  • %10 Discount at Seki Restaurant

  • %20 Discount at Elis Turkish Hammam, Göreme

  • %20 Discount at SPA Center

  • %10 Discount at Rent a Car

  • %10 Discount at Q Night Club and Free Entrance

  • %10 Discount at One Way Cafe Restaurant, Göreme

  • %10 Discount at Seyyahhan Restaurant, Cavusin

  • %10 Discount at Turkish Night

  • %10 Discount at Jeep Safari

  • Free Entrance to Culture Museum

  • Free Coffee at Millstone Cave Suites


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